Product Care

These parasol is made entirely by hand and there will be slight variations from item to item.

Care Advice

These are decorative parasols and are not intended for use in windy or wet conditions. Do not leave it out in the rain, or overnight. If the umbrella does get wet, leave it open to dry before returning it to its original bag. 

To clean the polyester canopy, please spot wash with clean water and a little detergent using a soft brush. 

The decorations around the edges can be sharp. Please handle with care. 

To open the umbrella: (This operation may take two people to complete)

•The decorations around the edge can become entangled so need to be carefully detangled prior to opening the parasol.
•Next, connect the two poles by inserting the upper pole to the sleeve of the lower one.
•Place the umbrella at right angles and slide the pole up the pole until the hole, which holds the metal pin can be seen.
•The umbrella is packed with a finial. These come in two parts. Unscrew the long stainless steel piece and insert into the hole on the circular piece. Screw together firmly to assemble the stainless finial. Place securely on top of the umbrella.
•Note: For the first few times the umbrella can be difficult to open. If this is the case invert it on to a clean surface and then push down on the cylindrical attachment until the hole which holds the metal pin can be seen.

An umbrella stand is needed to safely mount your umbrella. You can choose between a decorative umbrella base or a traditional umbrella base, but they all require sufficient weight to anchor your outdoor umbrella. Place parasol in a heavy base on a flat surface and ensure the pole is firmly secured with wooden wedge. Stow safely when windy as the parasol may become removed from its base in windy conditions.

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